Stuffed Calamari w/ Pork Hash
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Stuffed Calamari w/ Pork Hash
Recipe Number: 1178941051
Contributor: Skippa

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1 box frozen Calamari squid
1/2 lbs Ground pork or ready made pork hash
1 can Water chestnuts
1/8 C chopped Green onion
2-3 cloves Garlic, chopped
Round onion, finely chopped, to taste (optional)
Cooking Instructions
Thaw squid Separate head from legs, remove beak from center of squid legs and discard. Remove contents from head of calamari. Make sure you take the clear membrane from head this is like a backbone. Combine all other ingredients, besides the squid, well to make the pork hash. Then stuff head with pork hash leaving enough room to secure end with a toothpick. Deep fry in hot oil, preferably peanut oil till cooked which is usually when it floats to the top. Do not overcook or squid will shrink too much.
Additional Comments
Can throw the legs in the deep fryer also or make into soup using sliced round onion. Boil then as onion gets soft bust one or two eggs inside and mix um up till egg is cooked. Remove from heat, let cool, then grind um with some hot rice ... ono!

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