Kim Chee Ali'i - Ku Version
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Kim Chee Ali'i - Ku Version
Recipe Number: 1178876832
Contributor: Kawika

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1st set of Ingredients:

4 heads of Napa cabbage (Bok Choy), wash, trim tops and bottoms, leave em whole.
1 C Hawaiian Salt for each head cabbage
1-2 C Water per head of cabbage

2nd Set of Ingredients:

1-2 C Dry seedless Korean Chili Pepper
1/2-1 C Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water or regular water
1 big Daikon Radish, peel em den shred em
1 big Carrot, peeled & shredded
3rd Set of Ingredients:

1 bunch Cilantro, wash it then chop it into 1 inch pieces, so get whole leaves
1 bunch Green Onions, cut about 2 inches long, split the whole onion a couple of times to make it thinner
2 thumbs Ginger, grated or finely chopped
4 big cloves of garlic, minced
Fresh Hawaiian Chili Peppers, minced, as many as you think you like
Sesame seeds, as you like
Sugar, to taste
Salt, to taste
Cooking Instructions
Combine the 1st set of ingredients in a red plastic tub (to hide red stains). Let soak 6 to 8 hours, not too long cus still need to be a little crispy. If the cabbages are not all under water then half way through just turn the cabbages over so the top ones are on the bottom. Drain the cabbages really good, save 1 cup of water if you dont want to use chili pepper water. Combine the 2nd set of ingredients in a plastic bowl (should be a nice sauce like the one you buy in the store) and mix with a wooden spoon until a little soft. Add the 3rd set of ingredients into the bowl with the 2nd set, and mix it well. Take off the outter leaves of the cabbages (save them for later) and put the cabbages back in the red plastic container. With the wooden spoon or plastic gloves, put the kim chi sauce inside all of the leaves of the cabbages. open up each leaf of the cabbages, and spread it all over inside. Use the outter leaves you had saved to wrap up the cabbage. Just roll it up tightly and wrap it with the outter leaves, and arrange them side by side in storage containers. Cover the containers with a towel for 1 day then cover tightly and put into the icebox. (if you like you can leave one of the containers out for 2 days if you want to eat more sour Kimchee sooner.)
Additional Comments
This Kim Chee is the best one I ever tried, but I still never tried fish or shrimp inside, so... maybe still have more recipes to share later.

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