Easy-kine Banana Lumpia
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Easy-kine Banana Lumpia
Recipe Number: 1175588235
Contributor: Jobel

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1 pkg Lumpia wrappers
6-7 ripe Bananas (try not to use apple bananas)
Cooking Oil
Cooking Instructions
First, you will have to peel of each lumpia wrapper as it will most likely be stuck together due to being frozen at the store. Then peel the bananas and cut them in half. Once cut in half, slice each half through the middle of the banana. Leaving you with a banana slice that is flat on one side. Each banana will give you 4 slices. Then you start wrapping. Place the lumpia wrapper in front of you in a diamond shape. Place a banana slice a little lower than the middle of the diamond, make sure that the banana slice is flat side facing up. Then add about a spoon of sugar on the flat surface of the banana. Now the folding begins. Take both sides, left and right and bring to the center covering the banana, then bring the bottom up. Tuck in any excess space and roll it up. When you reach the tip, press down a bit of water so it can stay put. Then set that aside on a plate, with the end facing down so it won't unwrap. After you've wrapped them all, put oil in your pan, preferably more oil than you usually fry with, because the wrapper could burn before it actually cooks. Fry until light golden brown. Place into a bowl lined with paper towels to soak up excess oil. Then go eat the buggah!
Additional Comments
It's easy, and you don't need much ingredients, so it's cheap too!

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