Coconut Shrimp
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Coconut Shrimp
Recipe Number: 1137999403
Contributor: Tony

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1 lbs Tiger shrimp peeled w/ tails on
4 Egg whites
1 C Almond joy coconut flakes
1 C Panko
1 C crushed Macadamian nuts
1/2 C flour
Cooking Instructions
Mix coconut flakes, panko and macadamia nuts together in a bowl to form breading mixture. Beat egg whites in a separate container. Roll each shrimp in flour then in beaten egg whites and finally in breading mixture and place in 1 1/2 - 2 inch deep pan. Once all coated with mixture pour the rest of the breading on top of shrimp and press down with hands, this will help keep breading on, discard eggwhite and flour. Place container of shrimp in refrigerator for a few hours to set the breading into the shrimp. Now you are ready to fry in canola or vegetable oil at 360 degrees.

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