Linguine Salad
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Linguine Salad
Recipe Number: 1128120379
Contributor: Summer

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1 pack of Linguine noodles
1 Kamaboku (fishcake)
1 pack Imitation crab
1 Carrot
1 Cucumber
Furikake (seaweed and sesame seed mix)
1 bottle Oriental dressing
Cooking Instructions
Drain and shred the imitation crab. Peel and remove seeds from cucumber. Then slice thinly. Peel and slice thinly the carrot into 2 inch strips. Slice the kamaboku in thin strips like carrot. Set aside. Boil the noodles till tender. Rinse with cold water. Combine noodles, kamaboku, crab, and the vegetables. Sprinkle furikake to your liking. Pour oriental dressing over and mix. Serve imediately.
Additional Comments
All amounts are based on party size. Preperation can be done the night before. Just keep all ingredients seperate. Store leftovers in fridge.

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