Molokai Steaks
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Molokai Steaks
Recipe Number: 1126509764
Contributor: Daniel Alipio

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Ribeye steaks up to 4 lbs
2 Tbsp crushed or miced garlic
2 C Shoyu (Aloha)
2 Tbsp Hot mustard (Colemans)
2 Tbsp Mesquite or Keawe honey
1 Tbsp Butter or margarine, Melted
Mesquite charcoal or smoking chips
Cooking Instructions
Combine all ingredients together. Melt your butter in the microwave with your honey. Add it to the other stuff let it soak at least 20 mins. Then fire up the grill with Keawe charcol or if it's a gas grill throw in some keawe chips and start grilling making sure you get some of that smoke on the meat.
Additional Comments
You can use what ever type of meat you want it will work for chicken,beef,fish or pork etc. You don't have to use keawe or mesquite honey or charcol chips but it taste best with it. Got this recipe when I was watching lets go fishing long time ago, so I didn't create it.

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