Spaghetti Salad
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Spaghetti Salad
Recipe Number: 1115706000
Contributor: Rob

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Spaghetti noodles
Boiled eggs
Japanese cucumbers
Imitation crab
Best Foods Mayo
Salt/pepper to taste
pinch of Sugar
Kamaboko if you like (optional)
Cooking Instructions
Break spaghetti into three inch pieces before boiling. Have all ingredients prepped while noodles are cooking. Cut boiled eggs into small slices and cumubers into either matchstick pieces or thin slivers. Shred crab and mince onions. Toss all ingredients in and mix according to the way you like. With a box of noodles, you normally add 1 pkg of crab, two cucumber, 2 eggs and 1 onion, more or less depending on your personal tastes. Also you can add some pieces of kamaboko for color. Add 1 teaspoon sugar in salad while you put in the mayo.
Additional Comments
The salad is a winner at most gatherings we have - great a couple days later too !

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