Boiled Peanuts
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Boiled Peanuts
Recipe Number: 1100460551
Contributor: Bill

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10 lbs peanuts
1 lb Hawaiian salt
5 pc Anise
Cooking Instructions
Soak peanuts in water for two days changing water twice a day. I made collendor w/plastic buckets used when soaking peanuts, 5 pounds to a bucket. Before cooking peanuts coat outside/bottom of 40 pot w/dish washing soap. Add peanuts, salt and anise. Add water to top of pot handle. Bring water to a boil then turn down heat to simmer. Stir every 10 min. Start tasting after 50 mins of cooking to check for tenderness. Cooking time will determine tenderness. Turn off stove, let soak for 20 mins.

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