Hawaiian Salt Potatoes
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Hawaiian Salt Potatoes
Recipe Number: 1099493436
Contributor: Mokihana

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4 beeg kine Baking potatoes
5 Tbps Olive oil
1 1/2 tsp Hawaiian salt
3/4 tsp Black peppah
1 tsp Mashed gahlic
1 tsp Minced ginjah oa minced parsely oa minced rosemary oa minced onion
Cooking Instructions
Preheat da oven to 400 degrees. Scrub da spuds den try cut dem in half lentwise, den cut each half in thirds lentwise. Going have 6 wedges. One, two, chree, fouah, five, seex. K?Den, try get one cookie sheet dat get sides. Den. k‚wili (mix) in one cup oa small kine bowl da ress of da ingredients. Den, pour all dis ovah da potatoes; make shuah u 'au'au yoah hands, den k‚wili da oil mixchah all ovah da potatoes. Make shuah alla sides stay coated. Now, try spread da potatoes in one singo layah all ovah da cookie sheet. Bake um foah 30-35 minutes, but try turn um ovah wen pau 20 minutes. Nemmine if stick litto bit. Den bake da ress of da time. Da idea stay foah gettum crisp ona outsai an tendah ona insai. Den, sprinko wit moah Hawaiian salt an grine NOW! No wait, cuz dey stay da most ono wen dey stay hot. All dis going serve about 3-4 peeps, cuz us locals like foah grine, yeah!

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