Pancit with Tocino and Vegetables
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Pancit with Tocino and Vegetables
Recipe Number: 1097618522
Contributor: Chelle

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2 pkg Tocino (depends on how much meat you want in there)
Green string beans (diagonal cut)
1-2 pkgs Fishcake (pink and white for color)
1 pkg Ricestick noodles
2 pkg Pancit canton (flour sticks. Brown color)
Sesame oil
Cooking Instructions
Soak ricestick noodles into hot water until it softens. In the meantime cut the vegetables, fishcake and tocino lengthwise, in med. size strips. You might wanna cut them in half if it's to long. When your done cutting everything up lengthwise, heat up the wok on med. heat and add at least 3 Tbls. of sesame oil into the wok. While the oil is heating up after a couple of mins., add the tocino to brown and make sure your stirring the meat around so it doesn't burn. After the meat is cooked, add the vegetables and 2 Tbls. of shoyu into the meat and keep stirring until veggies are tender. When the meat mixture is already tender, add the fishcake and the ricestick noodles into the cooked meat and vegetables and stir until noodles are softer. Lower the heat down a little so bottom doesn't burn. And than last but not least, add the flour noodles and stir everything up together until it's evenly mixed. When everythings done cooking, serve while it's hot and ENJOY!! Garnish to your preference!

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