Mrs. Goo's Short Ribs
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Mrs. Goo's Short Ribs
Recipe Number: 1097552411
Contributor: Randon

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2 lbs Beef short ribs (Korean Style, but local style cut)
Hawaiian Sun strawberry guava jam
1 can Pineapple juice
1 packet NOH's char siu mix
Cooking Instructions
Mix da entire jar (small) of Hawaiian Sun Strawberry Guava Jam and pineapple juice in large bowl, add da NOH's char siu mix, stir an den add da 2 pounds beef BBQ short ribs. Let da buggah soak in da ice box foa 2 oa 3 days. Den when you ready foa um, BBQ um on da grill.
Additional Comments
Dis buggah sooooooo good. Family lu'au's, BBQ's at da beach will nevah be da same aftah you try dis. Talk about broke da mouth. Dis is one winnah!"

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