Mainland Lau Lau
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Mainland Lau Lau
Recipe Number: 1097548881
Contributor: Malani

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Dried banana leaves from oriental stoa
Bunch a rubba bands
Salted cod li'dat or budda fish
Chicken thighs or pork
Sea salt if get, or kosher if no moa
Anno forget, plenty spinach, cause no moa taro leave hea in the mainland (the haole's too lazy for grow dakine li'dat)
Cooking Instructions
Soak da dry banana leaves in water 10-15 min, til they come soff. Take 2 and 2, make like tick tack toe. Add handful raw spinach in middle. Pack'em. Put ontop chicken or pork (or both, you like, moa betta ), your fish, and spinkle some sea salt. (Depends, if using salt cod, no need too much salt extra.) Add moa spinach to cover. Pack'em sommoa. Now fold, like weaving, take rubba band, tie em up. Keep making same ting, li'dat. Pile em up in steamer, with metal strainer underneath so no touch water. Steam foa hours, until you no can wait, but make sure you no run out of water cause gon smell like pakalolo. Believe me, ok? Neighba's gonwanda what stay goin'on.

Make one pot rice, cut tomato, scallion, onion, (make fake lomi lomi).

Additional Comments
I tink dis one gon blow your mind, and your island guests. Any mainlander can do dis and fool any Hawaiian.

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