La'uya (Pig Feet Soup)
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La'uya (Pig Feet Soup)
Recipe Number: 1097546815
Contributor: Braddah Bernz

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2-4 whole Pigs feet (ask butcher to cut up into pieces)
1-2 whole heads Garlic, crushed & peeled
3-5 pieces Bay leaves
1/8 C whole Black peppercorns
1/4 C Patis (fish sauce from P.I.)
1/2-1 packet Tamarind Soup Base (can find dis in any Asian Market store)
Potatoes, howeva much u like
Carrots, same teeng wit potatoes
Cabbage, cut into bite size kine pieces
Cooking Instructions
Alright braddahs & sistahs, lets get ready for some good ol Filipino soul food! First, if can find the pigs feet, ask da butcha for cut the fella up into pieces, less headache fo u guys. Trow the pig feet into large pot and boil da sucka fo remove all the scum and crap out, make em taste mo bettah and a cleaner taste. Once u do dat, rinse and pat dry. I know get plenny tings fo do on this fella, garans ball baranz, taste this fella, u guys goin thank me plenny! Now, next step, u goin brown the fella up with the garlic, bay leaves, OH! Forget fo put onions in the ingredamnets list no?! As alright, you guys can figureem out by now! Brown the fella up good until get nice golden color, add in the patis, this goin' smell up the house, but goin' be worth it, jes wait & see! Add in as much water as needed. You goin' boil the fella for close to 2 hours fo make em sof. Once you do dat, add in your carrots, carrots take long time fo cook. Aftah dat, trow in your potatoes and cabbage. You no like overcook the potatoes and cabbage. Add in the Tamarind soup base into the soup. I experiment with this and come to find dat it gives a better and cleaner taste instead of using apple cider vinegar. OKAY GANGY, the good part is coming up! Check for the buggah if need mo salt & or pepper. DAS IT! BRING ON DA HOT RICE!

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