Laulau #2
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Laulau #2
Recipe Number: 1097546564
Contributor: Elloha

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24 Taro leaves or fresh spinach leaves
2 lbs Fresh pork, shoulder or leg
1 lb Salted butter fish or similar substitute
1 1/3 Tbsp Hawaiian or Rock salt
8 Ti leaves (corn husks or parchment paper may be substituted)
4 cooking Bananas
4 Sweet potatoes
Cooking Instructions
Wash taro/spinach leaves thoroughly. Remove stem and fibrous part of vein. If fish is very salty, soak in cold water for a few hours. Work rock salt into pork thoroughly. Arrange 5-6 taro/spinach leave in palm of hand placing the largest leaf on the bottom. Place piece of pork, fat side up, on leaves. Place a piece of butter fish on top of pork. Fold leaves over pork and fish to form a bundle. Prepare each ti leaf by cutting the stiff rib partially through and stripping it off by rolling the leaf vertically over the finger. Place laulau on the end of a ti leaf and wrap it tightly. Wrap another ti leaf in the opposite direction to form a flat package. Tie securely with string or the fibrous part of the ti leaf. Steam the laulaus four to six hours. Add the sweet potatoes and bananas for the last hour. When steaming, place laulaus on a rack above the water and replenish water when necessary.
Additional Comments
Placing a few marbles in the cooking water will let you know when the water is low and more needs to be added

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