Furikaki Chicken
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Furikaki Chicken
Recipe Number: 1097388015
Contributor: Brenda

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Bag party wings (faster to cook) or chicken thighs
Furikake mix
Green onion
Shoyu (2 cups, use more if you make larger quantity)
Salt (optional)
Flour (enough to coat you chicken pieces)
Sugar (brown or white)
Oil (whichever you desire, I use Olive)
Cooking Instructions
In a bowl, mix shoyu, pepper, chopped garlic, chopped green onion, sugar (set aside). Heat oil in skillet or wok to frying temperature. Mix flour, salt, pepper in ziplock bag (freezer kine works best). Rinse chicken place several pieces (use you own discretion) in ziplock bag (the freezer one works best), shake until well-coated. Fry flour coated chicken until golden brown (make sure cook inside especially if you using thighs). Immediately after frying, dip in shoyu sauce mixture for a few second (don't leave in too long). Take out and let excess liquid drip back into bowl. Place on plate, then sprinkle furikake mix on both sides, let cool. Place onto another platter, keep warm. Repeat until all chicken is cooked. **I don't normally measure, all ingredients are to taste. Although you don't want your shoyu sauce to be too sweet. I also love lots of garlic. As for leftovers, if any, even moa 'ono the next day, cold too. Enjoy!

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