Fas Kine Fry Rice
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Fas Kine Fry Rice
Recipe Number: 1097385400
Contributor: Chun

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5 C Leftover rice (any kine, cooked)
3 Eggs
1/2 C Frozen peas (thawed and pat dry)
Oil, salt, & pepper
Cooking Instructions
Crack & scramble 3 eggs using 1 tablespoon oil in big skillet on medium heat. Break-up rice and toss into pan. Add peas and one more tablespoon (dollop) oil. Sprinkle 1/2 level teaspoon salt. And a few dashes of pepper. Stir/turn over medium heat 3 minutes. A stiff plastic spatula and non-stick skillet works best. Thats the only hardware you need and they clean up super easy. No need be exact with the measurements, but no put too much salt !
Additional Comments
This is my mom's (Ruth) recipe. My mom used to cook fried rice all the time. It used to be more elaborate - and with fancier leftovers added in. After I moved out I was forced to simplify and refine it to compensate for the urgent need to grind after coming home from a few hours surf to a bare kitchen. But a true test this recipe has endured is my mom, who flys up here every now and then and is not shy commenting.

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