Da Bomb Kal Bi
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Da Bomb Kal Bi
Recipe Number: 1097377368
Contributor: Sean

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1 C Shoyu
Seasame Oil
1 Can Beer
1-1 1/2 C Sugar
Green Onion, chopped
Garlic (fresh or powder)
Seasame Seeds
Cooking Instructions
First make da juice for the meat. In a bowl or whatever you like use, pour in one can of beer (I use Bud Light). Then put in sugar (the sugar is one of the key ingredients in this mix). Next, put in da shoyu. Then put in the seasame oil (what I do is pour and count to 10 - eye ball kine, no measure). Cut up the green onions (the green part and the white part) and put it in there too. Crush the garlic or use the garlic powder (as much as you like - to "taste"). Then put some pepper in (once again, to "taste") and finally add some seasame seeds. Mix it all up so the sugar gets mixed good and add the Kal Bi style ribs. Make sure they all get soaked (best if you leave it overnight or a minimum of about 2 or 3 hours so the stuffs soaks good). Once it's done, cook the ribs on the grill (you know, bar-b-que). Das it, enjoy.
Additional Comments
Hey, all the Haoles I cook this for here in North Carolina GRIND da ribs as soon as they come off da grill. Da stuffs in ONO!!!! Gotta have Kal Bi style ribs

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