Broke Da Mout' Chicken Adobo
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Broke Da Mout' Chicken Adobo
Recipe Number: 1097096488
Contributor: Craig

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3 lbs Drumsticks
4 C Vinegar
3 C Soy sauce
1/2-1 C Water
3 Bay leaves
Pepper corns whateva you like
1 whole Garlic, crushed
1 whole Maui kine onion if get. If no moah, use red kine onion.
Cooking Instructions
Oh, kay gangy...dis is you can cut da receipe in half li' dat, jes depends on how many and WHO you want to small Japanee like me? or my Uncle Mokie Kina who order tree plate lunch jes foh himself....boy I love dat guy....oh,, sorry, sorry side we go, yeah?

Lomilomi your whole garlic... jes mash 'em...or cut da kine real small. Cut your onion into Large kine cry, yeah?(try slicing under running water... it works bra'). Heat couple spoons (teaspoon, table spoon, sugar spoons...any kine) oil in one large know da kine your tutu use foh smack you when you was small kine...oh kay den...we go. Saute' (whoa....some fancy word yeah?) da garlic and onions til start foh brown....dat means the sugars inside is carmelizing... makes 'em more ono kine....DEN ... Put in da chicken legs...and jes' brown jes a little on da outside....jes a little... not too much, HEY dats enuff...jes' little... shoots...kay den ... When thru dat...dump 'em all in one large kine pot and pour in all the odder stuffs... bring to one rapid (fast kine, lots of bubbles) boil...reduce to a simmer (only little bit bubbles) and cook for 1 ta 2 I no time 'em... I jes wait until it almost fall off da bone li' dat... Make one big kine pot of rice and time foh grines... ENJOY da onoliciousnsess of dis dish with a cold (very cold) Primo Beera...

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