Baked Seafood
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Baked Seafood
Recipe Number: 1097088541
Contributor: Edwin

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1/2 lb Mussels, if you like (clean and cut in half)
1 lb Shrimp peeled and clean
1 lb Fish (salmon or ahi cubes something good for baking cut into cubes)
1 lb Imitation crab
1 lb Scallops
2 scoops Mayonnaise or more if you like
1/2 C Tobiko (the little fish eggs). If no more tobiko then green onions.
Salt and pepper for taste
Cooking Instructions
Make sure all your seafood is clean. Mix everything in a BIG bowl. If you like more mayonnaise you can add more mayo. If you no more fish eggs then chop the green onions and add it in. Transfer to a the rectangle baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until everything looks cook. Not too long you no like the fish get all hard and dry, so keep and eye on it. Serve over hot rice with a dash of Tabasco. ONO
Additional Comments
This recipe is actually suppose to be layered, but my wife just went through everything together and put it in the pan. Still came out good. Not recommended for people watching their cholesterol.

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