Pull Apart Caramel Bread
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Pull Apart Caramel Bread
Recipe Number: 1097030246
Contributor: Elloha

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2 loaves Frozen bread dough
1 C Chopped walnuts or pecans
1 C Brown sugar
1/2 C Butter
2 Tbsp Milk
1 large package Cook and serve vanilla or butterscotch pudding (NOT instant)
Cooking Instructions
Thaw frozen bread dough in fridge overnight. Melt butter, milk, and brown sugar together in saucepan. Set aside to cool. Grease 9 x 13 pan or two bread pans. Sprinkle 3/4 cup of nuts in 9 x 13 pan bottom or 1/3 cup in each bread pan. Cut apart one loaf of bread into small pieces (about nickel or quarter size) and cover bottom of pan(s). Whole loaf in 9 x 13 or 1/2 loaf in each bread pan. Pour sugar mixture sauce on bread in pan. (I usually save a little to pour over everything before baking.) Sprinkle pudding powder over sugar sauce. Sprinkle remaining nuts and cinnamon to taste over pudding. (I have not made butterscotch flavor but tried lemon (tart) and banana cream (super sweet)...vanilla is our favorite.) Cut apart second loaf of dough and arrange on top. Let rise in a warm place until double in size. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Cool 5 minutes and then turn onto platter.
Additional Comments
Enjoy...but watch out, it's really hard to stop eating these! This is one of the best and yummiest recipes (easy, too) for anytime of the day. = )

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