Hawaiian Pasta Salad
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Hawaiian Pasta Salad
Recipe Number: 1091471934
Contributor: Angie

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1 box Rotini noodles (or penne)
1 bottle Sam Choy Oriental Dressing
1 can Spam
1/2 C Aloha Shoyu
1 C Pineapple tidbits, drained
1/2 C Macadamia nuts, chopped (optional)
Cooking Instructions
Boil pasta until done but slightly firm. Toss Sam Choy dressing in with pasta and refrigerate overnight. Just before you're ready to serve, cut up spam into very small cubes and sauté them in the shoyu until there's a slight golden crust. Put spam and drained pineapple tidbits into pasta and toss well. Sprinkle chopped macadamia nuts on top and serve.

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