Mexican Asian Saimin
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Mexican Asian Saimin
Recipe Number: 1089844976
Contributor: Tammy

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Mexican Asian Saimin
Saimin (Your favorite flavor)
Bean Sprouts
Lime Wedges
Thinly sliced Spam or Portuguese sausage
Vietnamese chili sauce
1 tbsp Rice vinegar (your favorite flavor)
1 Egg
Cooking Instructions
Boil water. Beak noodles in package. Open and take out soup base. Place noodles in the pot. Cook until soft. Add soup base, stir in egg, add rice vinegar & stir some more. Pour into large bowl and top with beans spouts, slice, spam, green onions, chopped cilantro and now drizzle the Vietnamese chili sauce and finally squeeze the lime wedges over it!
Additional Comments
This is great comfort food for da locals any time of day, especially when it's cold outside!

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