Portagee Sausage #2
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Portagee Sausage #2
Recipe Number: 1051233386
Contributor: Kamano

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3 tbsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
6-8 large garlic cloves chopped
1 oz of red wine or cider vinegar
4 tbsb paprika
1 tbsb ground black peppa
1 tbsp marjoram
2 cups of water
2 cups of non-fat dry milk
10 lbs of pork butt
Cooking Instructions
Dice or chop the pork into 1/4" pieces. Place meat in a bowl and mix all the ingredients (except the wine or vinegar and water) let chill in da fridge at least till very cold, about 45 degrees. Den you have to stuff-em ...now is the time to add the wine and water ...stuff the meat into 35-38 mm casings. The sausage is great ... taste mo betta den ... Redondo kine or even Govea brand!! The sausage casing can be bought at some of the meat markets like KTA or (wen in Kalihi .. Kalihi Market on School street.) But if you cannot stuff-em ... den you can make da kine patties and they are just as ono ... but I like the sausage stuffed ... I think you can buy a sausage tube for stuffing at a kitchen supply. I use a meat grinder and a tube to stuff the sausage... (da old kine grinda wit da turning handle) You will have to experiment fo awhile to get da technique... have fun.

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