Kim Chee Dip
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Kim Chee Dip
Recipe Number: 1051226316
Contributor: Yvonne

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1 bottle Kim Chee
2 blocks Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Cooking Instructions
Remove juice from kim chee and set aside for later. Put kim chee in blender, blend on medium until kim chee texture is like a rough paste. In large bowl, combine soft cream cheese and kim chee paste. Mix well. For more flavor pour in kim chee juice to taste.
Additional Comments
I no like kim chee by itself, but dis dip is ONO. You should see da faces of people when they ask me "What type of dip is this Yvonne?" I just tell-um "Kim Chee". First reaction is ... "Kim Chee"?? And the 2nd reaction is .. "It's good!!" Then my eastcoast and European friends ask "What is Kim Chee?"

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