Fried Mochi
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Fried Mochi
Recipe Number: 1051212322
Contributor: Roxanne A. Yamashita

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Mochiko flour
1.5 c water
Salt (optional)
Brown sugar
Cooking Instructions
First mix the Mochiko flour, salt and enough water together to form a dough. Shape patties and roll in some extra flour to prevent them from sticking to the others. Fry in oil until golden brown on the outside and gooey on the inside. Mix the shoyu and brown sugar together to make the dipping sauce. Eat while hot. Ono!
Additional Comments
My grandfather, Tatsuo Yamashita, taught my Mom. It's way better than the cooked mochi soup he used to make to ring in the New Year! Usually I prepare the mochi the night before New Years and fry them first in the morning.

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