Reviews of Ahi Poke
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Visitor Reviews of Ahi Poke
Review By: Jody
 The recipe sounds fine, but please remember the Hawaiian word is "poke", not "poki", and it is pronounced "po-kay", not "po-kee".
Review By: Dan A.
 Made this recipe for a cookout and it was a hit used red onion instead of white that was the only change I did to it thanks
Review By: Audrey
 This recipe should be listed under "local" or "asian" style poke. Sesame oil is not a Hawaiian ingredient. Fish, inamona and limu are poke ingredients.
Review By: Ted Neel
 This is a message for Jay, who put up this recipe. I have information on ogo/limu and how to get it on the mainland if you are interested. Also, I suggest finely chopped sweet red onion as the onion part.
Review By: Hannah
 In my opinion, this is the standard "Hawaiian Poke" recipe, comes out kiLlaH everytime! I had to laugh and leave 1 comment bcuz I shyt u not...the Waialua Foodland is really the only place that I know of too that carries Ogo/limu kohu, & trust me Ive searched...hehe, small world!
Review By: IpuFarm
 Great job on one of our favorite foods Jay!
Review By: Kandi
 If you live in Southern California, check Marukai for fresh Limu from Hawai'i. I was able to buy some today.
Review By: Martin
 That pretty much sums it up as far as Poke is concerned to me. I get limu at Farmers market here in Cubao Philippines, and Yellow tail and blue Marlin are a plenty. I've never gotten sick. I use ordinary rock salt, true about the sesame oil, also another secret is sesame seeds(roasted) which gives it a slight crunch. Then I use fresh small red peppers called labuyo in the Philippines. I usually add thinly sliced ginger to give it a kick. Kukui nut oil I've never tried but consider exotic, but the sesame seeds make a good substitute. I always mix by taste also. After reading Jay's article it gave me faith in myself, because those are pretty what I use except for one thing I've always shied away from garlic. I put ginger instead. But it is interesting to note.