Reviews of Mochiko Chicken
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Visitor Reviews of Mochiko Chicken
Review By: Victor
 I remember the first time I ate Mochiko chicken was when my friend from work invited me to his home for dinner. Unfortunately my friend's wife had burnt the Mochiko chicken she served us. Despite that it still tasted ono that I had to learn to make this dish. I think out of all the Mochiko chicken recipes this one was very simple and did not require the use of Japanese rice vinegar. Although I like the flavor the rice vinegar adds to the recipe a small bottle of this liquid is very pricey at my local supermarket. I have cooked this recipe with and without the skin, and I have to say remove the skin. I made a tray of Mochiko chicken for a pot-luck lunch at work, and left the skin on and they came out charred that my co-workers called it "Lava Chicken" (But they said the meat was very tasty). To lessen the prep time I used a bag boneless/skinless chicken thighs then cut them in half, and instead of cloves of garlic I used garlic powder. I did choose to dash some Sesame seeds to give the pieces that added texture. I deep fried the pieces at 350-360 degrees for 4 minutes turning them over every minute (recipes with sugar you have to monitor). I allowed the cooked chicken to rest before serving, and it was ono! So ono my wife took half of the tray of Mochiko chicken to let my mother in-law sample my culinary efforts. This recipe is definitely a keeper.