Reviews of Pineapple-Mango Cream Pie
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Visitor Reviews of Pineapple-Mango Cream Pie
Review By: Carol
 Made this dessert it was very tasty. I followed the directions except I think possible I should have used an electric mixer to mix things. Instead I used a spoon. Dessert never firmed up kinda of runny but still very tasty. I put it in the frig. over night and it still didn't firm up Maybe next time I'll use an electric mixer. Will try again. Great for a hot summer treat.
Review By: Rick
 I'm the original maker of the recipe. After many trials of making this stuff, it's best to drain the pineapple juice as best as you can and it will form. Thanks for trying the one of the few no bake desserts. Hope you enjoy as much as I did making it!!
Review By: Rick Ashak
 Okay, found out it works better with a 16oz instant vanilla pudding mix or two boxes of instant pudding mix :)