Reviews of Banana Cream Squares
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Visitor Reviews of Banana Cream Squares
Review By: D
 This has to be one the best Banana cream deserts I have ever tried. It's so easy and so ono. I gave it a little twist and used vanilla pudding instead of choclate and it was awsome.
Review By: Bayside Girl
 Just made this recipe last night for the first time. It was a hit at my family bbq!! Yum! Make sure you leave time for the crust to cool before adding the cream mixture. And it's better served cool.
Review By: ISANEZ
 OMG!!! This was really broke da mouth! Dam BOMB!!!
Review By: Esther
 This was sooooo good!!!I made it the night before and everyone loved it. I used vanilla instead of chocolate, but everyone loved it.
Review By: Mokihana
 I wen make dis foa one potluck today. Everybody loved it, including me. Easy foa make and tastes ono. I wen use about 3 1/2 bananas cuz I wanted plenny. Be shua u use da small boxes of pudding, not da big ones. Next time I probably not going use quite so much Cool Whip. m/
Review By: Gina G
 I made this for an office party the night before. I tweak it a little, I use white chocolate instead of choclate and to the crust I added 1/4 cup of finnley chopped mac nuts. Then for the topping I added 1/4 of a tsp of vanilla extract. The people at the office loved it so much. I even got raves from the owner of the company!!!This is by far the best banana cream recipe ever.