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Visitor Reviews of Ono Kine Beef Stew
Review By: Victor
 This recipe is your basic Beef Stew 101 recipe, it incorporates all the basic ingredients and steps a Beef Stew dish would have except for one ingredient "Dashinomoto" which is a Japanese soup base. It was frustrating that I could not find this soup base anywhere in Guam, and I even tried the only Japanese store on the island! But I still tried this recipe and I really liked it. I was surprised to see Sugar and Ginger in the line up but I did like the "essence" it gave to the beef stew; I can only imagine what this beef stew would have tasted like if I used the Dashinomoto! If you are going to use Campbell's tomato soup I can see using Cornstarch to thicken the stew. But if you are like me who was too lazy to get a can of tomato soup. A can of tomato sauce and peeled & diced tomatoes would also do fine; I didn't have to use Cornstarch unless you like the gravy EXTRA thick. By the time you get to adding your veggies the stew has reduced that I had to add water. But in the end this recipe came out ONO!!! This is a keeper and I am going to order that Dashinomoto and cook this recipe again. Highly recommend.
Review By: Steve
 IF you like. Break apart and add about 6 to 10 luau leaves to stew.