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Visitor Reviews of Sweet
Review By: Davie Thomas
 Ohhh this recipe was ono to da max!! I made this for my small hula group (made of Hawaii ladies) & my Ohana. My husband loved it he had 3rds!!! The keikis will love this too!! Being away from home (Honolulu) & living on a Navy Base in Japan Aloha World has been my main place to use recipes!!
Mahalo Nui Loa for this recipe!!
Review By: Chara
 I like this alot. The kids said the sauce was a bit too sweet but other than that I thought this was a good recipe. So I actually made the sauce separate and let the kids pour it on their own dishes. I made it with shrimp too. I like not having to HAVE bottles of sauces in my fridge and this makes a good sauce --- quick and ono. I have everything needed all the time. MAHALOZ
Review By: Momilani
 This recipe was really onolicious!! Very ono on rice too!! My husband & my kids loved it!! I made this as a potluck dinner for my hula group out here in Japan.
Mahalo Nui Loa for sharing this recipe!!