Reviews of Melt In Your Mouth Sweet Sour Ribs
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Visitor Reviews of Melt In Your Mouth Sweet Sour Ribs
Review By: Patti - Maaha
 I have been using this recipe for years - it is so easy!!!!! It usually takes longer for the ribs to become tender if you are using ribs cut for sweet/sour style. If I have diakon I add some sliced with carrots a few minutes before serving. ONO
Review By: Nohealani
 This recipe is sooooo good. I add big cubes of turnips to this recipe. Better than mom's.
Review By: Victor
 I purchased a box of Danish rib slabs and chopped them up into 1-inch pieces. Then followed the recipe, very easy and simple. I added green, yellow, red bellpeppers, and chopped onions at ten minutes before the end of the 1 hour simmer so the veggies would still have that crunch. After removing the pot from the heat I threw in the pineapple chunks and slices of daikon mixing them in. Taste great the next day. This recipe is a keeper!