Reviews of Aunty Ayame's Shoyu Chicken
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Visitor Reviews of Aunty Ayame's Shoyu Chicken
Review By: Rowena
 Oh so ono! My little boy wuz doing the hunger strike thing an neva like eat so I gave him some rice wit the ting, hoo his belly so full and round!
Review By: Marthy A, Lake
 I made this shoyu chicken, with ketchup, shoyu, ginger, and the garlic, and the sugar, but i used raw sugar, i dont use white sugar much, anyways, this taste DELICIOUS!!!!! It looks little like char siu chicken, but this recipe is sooooo EASY AND TASTY, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!! I DID!!!
Review By: Pat G.
 I tried this recipe today and you're right....Broke Da Mout.
I served it over shredded head cabbage and the sauce made the cabbage real tasty....of course, it was over rice too.
Review By: Elyce
 This is onolicious! I live back east,Washington DC area. I miss Hawaii's local food. Mahalo for this great recipe. I will probably make this once a week. Aloha
Review By: Dave Post
 Horrible shoyu chicken recipe! Doesnt even taste like shoyu chicken. Tastes like ketchup and sugar. Yuck! Definetly broke my mouth and now I think I need a beer to make it come back to normal! Dont even bother feeding it to your dog!
Review By: Janey
 I loooove this recipe! My boyfriend loves when I make this, and so do all my friends!
Review By: Mikalani
 I made this for my coworkers. They loved it... especially the Filipino boys. I just threw in some onions with the chicken while it simmered just for something extra. I'll make this again.
Review By: Mrs. M.
 I made last night for my family. All I can say is AWESOME. It's one of the best shoyu chicken recipe ever. My kids loved it on their hot rice. They asked for seconds. I love it and I will be making this again and again.
Review By: Carmen
 Hey, cannot go wrong with ketchup! Another local staple!
Review By: anne
 Yummy! Not overpowering-it's a keeper.
Review By: Tim
 I followed this recipe only I used 3/4 cup ketchup and 1/3 cup sugar, and it came out great. had it over rice with some mac salad. If it was in a plate lunch container with some cabbage I'd have felt like I was back in Kaneohe.