Reviews of UH Lab School Ivory Jello
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Visitor Reviews of UH Lab School Ivory Jello
Review By: Bev Lum Chow
 WOW, your recipe is dreamy, creamy, and FANTASTC! Myy taste buds really exploded with yumminess. Makes for a deliriously delicious nostalgic dessert fantasy! Thanks Lisa for providing this delicious, refreshing recipe that was my most favorite dessert in elementary school even more delicious than I remembered it as an adult!!! The best of all deserts fo'evah!!! The ice cold ivory jello is cooling, soothinglly smooth, velvety and creamy to the tongue and palate, what a fantastic sensational taste! And the chocolate topping is a chocolate lover's fantasy---spooned on warm I had the jello swimming iin a pool of it and what little was leftover refrigerated cold, transformed into a creamier, thicker, yummier delight. INCREDIBLE!