Reviews of Easy Pot Roast
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Visitor Reviews of Easy Pot Roast
Review By: Kuuipo - Union City, CA
 Enjoyed this pot roast. So ono and easy. Try it you'll like it.
Review By: Victor
 I am always on the look out for simple recipes that produced awesome results! What made me try this recipe is the simple fact it required the use of Lipton Mushroom soup mix, I am a fan of this product. I made this dish on a last minute decision on what to do with a big chunk of Chuck roast. I purchased a chuck roast with good marbling in it, and instead of roasting it whole. I sliced the Chuck into 1" x 2" pieces, then in a bowl I gave the pieces a good lomi-lomi with black pepper and substituted garlic salt for Powder garlic and let the meat sit for 15 minutes and seared them until the beef was brown. Then I cut the vegetables and set them aside; with all the veggies involved I figured why not call this EZ-Kine Beef Stew? So I chose to use only carrots and onions because that's all I had sitting in the kitchen. I mixed the Lipton soup mix and poured it over the beef as instructed. I am such a fan of Lipton Mushroom soup mix because its an easy way to make gravy for my Local-Moco recipe. The same in this recipe when you simmer the beef in the soup mix it will reduce down and make ONO gravy. After the 45 minute simmer I put in the veggies; at this point I had to add a 1/2 cup of water because the soup mix had reduced. The beef and the veggies were tender in 30 minutes. Instead of using Salt and Pepper to get your gravy tasting just right, I like to use spoonfuls of powdered Chicken broth. My family and I enjoyed this recipe, and I have to say this one is Definitely a Keeper!!!