Reviews of The Best Butter Mochi
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Visitor Reviews of The Best Butter Mochi
Review By: Mokihana
 This is ono!! All my haole friends go nuts when I take it to potlucks. Dis one Thai friend of mine wen tell me dat his `ohana calls it someting else, but is da same ting. He had tears in his eyes, cuz he was so glad to eat it. I sometimes sprinkle coconut ontop. Also, I bake it at 350 degrees, not 375.
Review By: Da wahine
 Made this last night. I baked mines at 375 degrees for 50 mins and the outsides came out dry and hard. Maybe I'll try this recipe again, but this time I'll follow the other persons "review" and bake it at 350 degrees instead. It still tasted good though!
Review By: georgie
 This was not "the best" butter mochi I have ever had. Do try another recipe for less heartache!
Review By:
 I don't know what happened with georgie, this WAS the BEST butter mochi I have ever had in my life! I have eaten and baked a LOT of butter mochi, and I have to say, this is the best recipe I've come across so far. It was rich, chewy, creamy, and not too sweet.
I noticed that the other reviewers baked theirs at 350, but I did try it at 375. I have a gas oven, so I think that makes some difference, and it baked up beautifully in 50 minutes. I have also made mochi in an electric oven, and through experimentation, 350 degrees turned out much better. So I'm guessing Jane has a gas oven, which is why she put 375 degrees. So if you have a gas oven, go with 375, but if you have an electric oven, go with 350. Hope this helps!
Review By: mng
 Delicious, very easy recipe. Even my non-Asian co-workers loved this! I only used 1/2 a stick of butter and low fat evaporated milk.
Review By: Tina
 This is sooo onos!!! I have had to make two pans this week alone! The simplest as well!!!
Review By: Jade
 Great recipe. I use this version ALL the time. Compared to other recipes that call for X cups of mochi flour, or X cups of milk, etc...this is straightforward; It uses the WHOLE box of mochi flour, and the entire can of milks with no leftover/waste. For variation, I sometimes do half brown sugar, and half white sugar, and also sprinkle shredded sweetened coconut on the top just before baking.