Reviews of Mango Banana Bread
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Visitor Reviews of Mango Banana Bread
Review By: susan
 The mango banana combination sounded really interesting. I've tried this recipe twice and have been disappointed with the final product. I can't seem to get the bread to cook throughly. There always seems to be one section that comes out doughy. I have followed the suggested baking times. I've even added additional time without any luck. If I add too much time, I'm afraid that other parts of the bread will be overcooked. I've double checked that I'm using the right size loaf pan. I even use an oven thermometer. Unforunately, I've given up on this recipe.
Review By: hileah
 Aloha and mahalo for the best thing I've ever baked! It got a lot of raves and was so easy to prepare! It is perfect!!!
Review By: Melanie
 Very good recipe. I did not add the butter. And I used half of the recommended sugar.