Reviews of Mac Salad
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Visitor Reviews of Mac Salad
Review By: Stephanie
 Yes, please send me your gravy recipe. Sounds ono. Thank you.
Review By: Edwin Arita
 Salad is great. My recipe for a real calabash is adding a few more stuff. BUT, I am interested in yr hamburgah gravy! I really cherish Rainbow Drive In's dishes; and the locomoco is tops! Hope to hear soon! Mahalo!
Review By: Jeff F. Ignacio
 Have tried's really good. But. I subtitute white peppers instead and also, the curry is the big thing. I'm going to try celery salt instead of regular salt next time.
Review By: chel
 great. can I get the gravy. thanks
Review By: Sandy
 Hi Laurie,
I have made mac salad in so many different ways, never turns out like L&L or Rianbow drive inn etc.... I found your recipe interesting (will make it today) in the way you cook the macaroni.... I wondered Y, no hard boiled eggs?
Review By: Leilani DeCambra
 Aloha Laurie -- born and raised there, moved, so much. Mahalo for the recipe, we love the salad with teriyaki meat and of course "RICE". Aloha! -- Leilani - "Waianae" now living in Oregon.
Review By: Kelei
 Auntie Laurie, your mac salad was a hit at my last picnic! Taste jus' like home... only one thing, I used garlic salt instead of regular salt and I thought it tasted better. Mahalo nui for sharing the recipe!
Review By: Oahuspirit
 This is mac salad is ono! Wit one capital O
Review By: Lauren Taintor
 Mac salad is ONO!!!!! I moved to the mainland and missed plate lunch so much. Thank you for posting the recipe. I would love the gravy recipe! Mahalo!
Review By: Stu Hopper
 Please email me your gravy recipe. Thanks. By the way, love your Mac recipe.
Review By: Laurie
 just so you all know the gravy recipe is in sauces/dips and called rainbow style gravy thank you for all your great reviews. and there is no eggs cuz rainbows drive in no put eggs in their mac salad but you surely can. enjoy.
Review By: BklynHghts
 This mac salad recipe is scrumptious - I was skeptical at first, but it is just like I remember it from the drive-in back home! Thank you!
Review By: chella
 this is so good please send me the gravy recipe. mahalo
Review By: michele
 aloha! i was interested in your gravy, can you give me it? mahalo much
Review By: john
 I have been frequenting an hawaiian restaurant nearby my work here in san francisco, and decided to attempt to duplicate their mac salad. i needed somewhere to begin, and stumbled upon your website. i just made your salad, and may i say, "oh, mamma!" delicious! better than the restaurant i go to. thanks for the info!

Review By: o. soto
 Alooha!! I''ve been in the mainland for 15 years, but I always try to make the local foods of the Island. I love the locomoco and especially the lunch plates. Please email me the gravy. Mahalo
Review By: Victor
 I have tried this recipe many times because it is simple and manages to capture the essence of a "Mac Salad" without having to involve a lot of ingredients. It is great with served with hamburger steak, and beef/curry stew. This recipe is Ono! Don't take my word for it try and you'll know what I mean.
Review By: Penina
 This salad is so yummy but I added some cabbage to the salad with carrots. Yummy Yummy for our Tummies. Thanks
Review By: Corinne
 I've tried almost all the mac salads on this website and this one was a big hit. Even my "picky eater" mother-in-law asked if she could take some home. This one is a keeper.