Reviews of Crockpot Laulau
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Visitor Reviews of Crockpot Laulau
Review By: Laurie
 i love the idea of using the crockpot to make the laulau. i have a crockpot but haven't used it much because i don't really know how to cook with it. so i was wondering if there needs to be any liquid in this recipe to keep it from burning. please email me at i really want to try it. i have some other friends that are also ono for laulau too. and if i can get this answer i am going to try it. mahalos, laurie
Review By: Gene
 YEAH! Came out good! Da bestest! Great recipe! I'm gonna get me a bigger crockpot!
Review By: Haydee
 MAHALO for this one!
I have been so ono for laulau since leaving the Big Island in '03... Perfect for the crock pot!