Reviews of Ono-kine Chow Fun (or Spaghetti)
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Visitor Reviews of Ono-kine Chow Fun (or Spaghetti)
Review By: Nalani
 This is at restaurant level...Good stuff!
Review By: Kathy
 Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...I have been craving this dish for a long time and this recipe is easy and taste very good....Five Stars to you Clinton..
Review By: Mikilani
 Onolishish.My kids wanted chinese dinner night,and because I live in Mexico I wanted something easy and not alot of ingredients that I cannot get on hand in Mexico.This is da bomb.My kids just devour the stuff.I have made it alot of times for my kids and myself but my husband tried it for the first time the other day and he does not care too much for oriental foods,loved it.He had seconds two days in a row.So of course from my kids and myself thumbs up,but from the mexican man,two thumbs.Mahalo.
Review By: Victor
 I found this recipe to be really easy and simple to follow. I have to agree if you can get Chinese "wide cut" noodles or similar Asian wide cut noodles it will make all the difference! For beginners using Spaghetti and Fettuccine noodles will suffice, but for those like me who grew up eating "Chow Fun" those noodles don't cut it. Instead of using Oyster sauce I used a sauce called "Stir Fry" made by Panda because I was too cheap to buy Oyster sauce. But to my surprise the Chow Fun came out great! When it came to marinade the meat, I cheated by buying 1 pound of Chinese BBQ roast pork which I thinly sliced. I believe pre-soaking the noodles is important in producing Chow Fun just like the Chinese restaurants! This recipe has become my favorite recipe, and I highly recommend it to everyone.