Reviews of Easy Biscuits
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Visitor Reviews of Easy Biscuits
Review By: Wanda
 If you havent tried this yet, check it out, sooooo ono ono ono, made so many times already, everyone wants recipe so gotta write it out for them, best bisquick recipe to date in my opinion, no can jus eat one!
Review By: W. Estrella
 I have been using this recipe for over 2 years, its da bestest!, Everyone loves it, had to pass on the recipe many times, and always "No leftovers" and such an easy recipe for a medium size gang. Really goood and ONO, thanks to whoever sent it in.
Review By: Laurie
 this is the best biscuits i ever had!!! so so good. so i wondered what it would taste like if i put sour cream in pancakes it is awesome too!!! then what about donuts oh my gosh this is fantastic. thank you so much i would have never thought of putting sour cream in these things.
Review By: Alfred
 This broke the mout kine stuff. I neva new u can cook like dis.
Review By: kaj
 It is the bestest ever! After many many baking mishaps . . this is the ONE!