Reviews of Zippy's Chili
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Visitor Reviews of Zippy's Chili
Review By: Kim
 We Love It! Ever since I tried it once per my family I can never make it anyway else! This is the closest to Zippys I am going to get. Mahalo!
Review By: sherry tom
 Well it isn't quite like zippy's but still a tasty recipe. Although the next time I would brown the bacon first since I didnt do it this time.
Review By: Randy
 I made the adjustment of using one can of cream of mushroom soup [made the chili nice and thick]...with that, you also have to adjust the spices. I basically just went free-hand and I unfortunately didn't write down what I did, but I swear I have a 90% taste match with Zippy's Chili. It smells just as great, possibly even better due to the use of fresh ingredients.

Other adjustments I made was to lower the fat content by:

Using 1.25lbs Lean Ground Turkey
NOT using 1/4 of bacon.

I will definitely be using these adjustments cause without the cream of mush...I don't see how this recipe could be considered anything near what the title suggests.
Review By: ddog
 I tried this recipe and it didn't taste anything like Zippy's chili. It had a weird flavor. I'll stick to my old recipe.
Review By: elvin ake
 Wow! It was sooo ono! My wife and I enjoyed it alot, especially with hot rice and macaroni. Thanks so much for the recipe.
Review By: Kelly
 Yum...onolicious! I live in New York now...which only has one local restaurant in Manhattan...L&L drive in. It is hard to get good local food you have to make it by yourself. I must say this recipe was pretty close to the Zippy's recipe..I did not put in the can of mushroom soup...I am thinking that addition will make it creamier..a closer match the the Zippy's recipe. Definitely a great recipe...will make it like this from here on out.
Review By: BKLYN
 I agree with Dean's review - this really isn't anything like the real thing at all without MAJOR adjustments. The "Zippy's Chili Two" posted here that adds the can of mushroom soup is much closer to the real thing than this one.