Reviews of Sweet Sour Spareribs
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Visitor Reviews of Sweet Sour Spareribs
Review By: kamalei
 This recipe is REALLY good. I was reluctant to try it at first because I thought the pickle juice sounded weird but luckily my curiosity made me try it and I am glad I did. These ribs are ono! I will be making this recipe again and again.
Review By: Victor
 It is a fact the Del Monte juice does make a difference! I tried using another brand of pickle juice and it did not come out as rich tasting when using the Del Monte juices. I think this recipe comes close to the Sweet sour spareribs they serve at Tasty Crust restaurant in Maui, but without the Char Sui coloring. Although the Del Monte juices makes it the best recipe (in my book) of all Sweet Sour Sparerib recipes this ingredient is also its Achilles's heel because without this ingredient is just doesn't stand out. And that is a shame for cooks like me where Del Monte sweet pickles are not sold at the local supermarket:(