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Visitor Reviews of Sweet Sour Ribs
Review By: Victor
 When I came upon this recipe what caught my attention is the fact it required no Pineapple juice and chunks to make it like the other recipes listed in Alohaworld. Naturally the absence of the Pineapple ingredient or juice from pickles caused me to become skeptical of this recipe. However I decided to give it a try. I chose to sprinkle garlic power on the ribs instead of using freshly diced garlic, which gave the ribs a nice texture (Like baked Korean ribs) after being fried to a golden brown. The recipe did not specify White or Apple Cider vinegar, I have a preference for Apple Cider and used it. Instead of Ground ginger I used peeled and diced ginger. All the ingredients except the 1 cup of water, were blended in a mini food processor, mixed with the water then poured over the ribs. I tossed ribs to make sure they all got coated before turning on the heat. Cooking time was not exact, so I relied on experience from other recipes that used vinegar and simmered the ribs for 1-hour. I was pleasantly surprised of the Ono results! This recipe is now part of my collection. Mahalo to the author!