Reviews of Oven Kalua Pork with Fresh Spinach
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Visitor Reviews of Oven Kalua Pork with Fresh Spinach
Review By: Nola
 This is the best ever recipe!
Review By: Mokihana White
 Some ono! I use a whole bottle of liquid smoke though. Great recipe and all the spinach reminds me of the lu'au leaves from back home. Broke da mout' dis one!
Review By: Mokihana
 Jass wen make dis again tonight. Still 'ono! Dis time I wen use one gigantic bag of spinach...maybe one pound? I shoulda used a bigger pan and anodda bag of spinach for my 4 1/2 lb roast. Da secret, like da recipe says, is plenny spinach.I wen use more liquid smoke, too. Maybe 2T. While it was cooking I could hardly stand it, cuz da hale wen smell so good. Broke da mout' dis recipe!