Reviews of Meat Jun / Korean Chen-Ya
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Visitor Reviews of Meat Jun / Korean Chen-Ya
Review By: Gale
 Broke da mouth!
Review By: Ili
 ono recipe, i also add hot chili flakes to the dipping sauce to spice it up. MMMM! yummy!
Review By: Raya
 1/4 of an inch is kinda thick I'd go with 1/8" instead (ask your grocery store butcher to slice it for you - yes even Safeway will do it). Also, marinating meat with green papaya for at least 8 hours helps to make the meat more tender.
Review By: xiamenmom
 Awesome! Was craving meat jun, and since moving too far to grab some at Island Flavor in Las Vegas, went to find a recipe. I've made this 2x in two weeks - it's that good :)