Reviews of Mainland Style Lau Lau
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Visitor Reviews of Mainland Style Lau Lau
Review By: Jandy K Young-Cox
 I gotta say dis . . . I been hea on dis big ass peice of land foa almost 1yr and I dont know how you guys do it. I miss seeing locals I can say "Ho, Howzit Brada/Sista and not get on funny look! LOL! I miss walking into 1 resturant and knowing wat I going orda cuz I know what they get. I miss eating real rice. I miss my Poke, Lomi Salmon, Laulau, Kalbi, Chicken Katsu, Lomi Opelu, you name it sheeesss I miss um. LOL! But my Laulau? Ho man, I cannot wait 4 go back home and wack 1 big bowl of hot steamy rice with my laulau right on top. And all da aila(Fat) all ova da rice . . . Ho I making myself hungry again! LOL!

I was looking foa anyones Shoyu Chicken and den wat I see? Mainland Laulau! How you goin ack? LOL! I gotta try dis 1. My Hubby lucky I love him even though he took me away from home. LOL. Fortunate foa me . . . He love our local foods. (-_-) I goin tell him I found dis and garentee he goin tell me make um. LOL! Mahalos 4 recipe. Should hold me ova until we go back home. I hit you back wen I pau make um!

Malama Pono,

Baybee GurL frm Holualoa, Big Isle
Review By: Victor
 I have used this method many times however I don't think the Liquid smoke makes a lot of difference cause the combination of the spinach, beef, pork, and fish will create that "Lau Lau" taste. Instead of a steamer I have used a pressure cooker with success; I place my steamer plate on the bottom, add enough water to touch the bottom of the steamer plate and cook the batch for 1 hour. An after thought I can see why the need to add the Liquid smoke; I have tried this method when I had limited Ti leaves I would roll the meats & spinach in the Ti leaf and wrap it in foil. If you don't have Ti leaves hence the Liquid smoke. I think the Ti leaves is what makes that "Lau Lau taste".
Review By: Leilani
 We haven't actually tried this recipe yet, but plan to do so soon. I'm glad Victor mentioned using a pressure cooker, because I was about to. (We're making laulau tonight and it'll only take an hour with the pressure cooker! We've done this several times, and it's great!) Fortunately our local Seattle Asian grocery (Uwajimaya) has fresh Hawaiian taro leaves weekly, so we are using that combined with spinach to fill in the gaps, and our own salted salmon (cheaper!). Speaking of "cheap," got the best priced pork roast from Seattle Cash & Carry; with the remaining pork tonight, we're going to try Moki's Pinoy Style "Easy Dakine Roast Pork" - sounds so ono!