Reviews of Mainland Lau Lau
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Visitor Reviews of Mainland Lau Lau
Review By: Kimmie
 i didn't make it yet, but i get a kick outta how this bruddah talk.
Review By: angie
 lmfao! forget the recipe, I jes love da way you went explain um! LMAO
Review By: Suzanne
 Thank you for the recipe from this gal who misses her former home each and every day of her life. Here in Washington state, you sometimes can find luau leaves in the Oriental stores. I was told there is a Hawaiian couple who sells it in bulk at the Swap Meet on Saturday out in Lakewood. Forget the fake lomi-lomi. Salmon you can buy anywhere. No need to make the fake stuff. I laughed reading your recipe and am going to send it to my kids. Where do you live? If you're anywhere in Washington, let me know. I WANNA COME OVER FOR DINNER AT YOUR HOUSE. Aloha Nui Loa, Suzanne :)