Reviews of Kalua Pig Unda Pressah
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Visitor Reviews of Kalua Pig Unda Pressah
Review By: Laurie
I been putting my pig unda pressa for eva. Anyways I only cook 45 minutes and wait until all the pressure releases on its own. It takes a while but truely worth the wait but less than the 2hrs cooking time for sure. The meat practically shreds itself just by pushing down with the serving spoon. Good idea with the banana leaf. I will try it next time.
Review By: Dan Teter
 This is the second time I have tried this recipe. It went very fast the first time I tried it. The pork was gobbled up in no time flat!! I am doubling up on the recipe this time so hopefully I can have some left overs.
Review By: Dan
 I will use this recipe for kalua pig from this day forward. Super easy, super fast. Everyone loved it. I had Ti leaf so I used it instead of banana leaf. Sure beats the old fashion way in the oven. So tender and moist. Try it, you'll like it!!