Reviews of Gau Gee Mein
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Visitor Reviews of Gau Gee Mein
Review By: Marvin Forehand
 This is a GREAT recipe and I use it frequently in my Cooking demonstrations. However, I have found that "7 Cans of water Chestnuts" as per the instructions to be far too many Chestnuts so I usually limit them to seven "canned" Chestnuts. You are doing a fine service. Please keep it up
Review By: Frank Hernandez
 You forgot to say what to do with the ground pork, oyster sauce, sugar, and pepper. First timers may get confused.
Review By: Roxanne P
 Before I had to wait for a trip back to Hawaiii to eat this. Now I can have it anytime in Wichita KS. Thank You so much for this recipe. It's AWESOME ! Aloha